What Grocery Retailers Need to Know About Post-Pandemic Consumer Trends

A 2020 Consumer Survey Report

How will changes made by retailers during the pandemic affect the future of grocery? How does sustainability play a role in the consumer experience? Are finding expired foods in grocery stores or in online orders a deal breaker for consumers? This past year has been a tumultuous learning experience for the industry; here, we can take stock of what we’ve learned, and adapt for the future.

Learn How to Keep Up with the Modern Consumer:

2021.Q2 eBook-v2

What's in the report?

Consumers tell us what they expect from retailers.

In 2020, Date Check Pro surveyed 661 consumers about their grocery shopping habits. In this ebook, we present the results of that survey and explore what the findings mean for grocery retailers.

  • Changes in Consumer Behavior: COVID-19
  • Embracing the Future of Omnichannel Shopping
  • Sustainability: What Consumers Expect & How Retailers Can Meet Expectations
  • How the Management of Expired Foods Impacts the Consumer Experience