Andrew Hoeft

Andrew is the CEO/Founder of Pinpoint Software, Inc, the company behind Date Check Pro. He has spent his entire professional career working in and innovating the world of retail, is a two-time speaker at NGA, and a Young Entrepreneurs Council member.

​Amazon Pushes Private Label

After its May announcement, Amazon has continued to push forward in rolling out their new lines of private label brands, including its first thrust into perishable goods.

​Small Health Food Chains Up Against Big, Niche Stores

In Central Florida, like other places in the United States, it is often the case that small health food stores serve as a community’s pioneers in the markets of organic food, natural health products, and vitamins.

​Consumer Experiences: Emotional Ratings of Various Vendors

Publix, Chick-fil-A, and Food Lion are among the companies that earned an “excellent” score in a recent study conducted by the Temkin Group that compared a wide variety of organizations and industry verticals. These companies, along with other supermarkets and fast-food chains like Kroeger, Save-a-Lot, and Wegmans, received top ratings from consumers.

​Character Marketing Contributes to Consumption

Companies across the board often turn to media characters to market their products. Why? Because it’s an effective, proven way to promote their products in order to maximize sales. Popular media characters used in brand marketing can connect manufacturers with children and influence a child’s product preferences. Kids are quick to develop emotional bonds even…

​Millennial Parents Want Organically-raised Children

As a desire for farm-to-table narratives increases, the culture of the food industry continues to evolve in order to meet changing consumer demands and interests. In particular, the industry is seeing a large scale push for organic products, as Millennials enter into the shopping the arena with purchasing practices predicated on nutrition and healthy living.

Metcalfe’s Partners With Stop Waste Together

Metcalfe’s Market, with stores in Madison and Wauwatosa, has become the first official partner of Stop Waste Together in an effort to prevent food waste created by expired products from grocery shelves. Through this partnership with Stop Waste Together, Metcalfe’s is taking aim at doing their part to reduce the $165 billion worth of food…

​How Discontinued Items Lead To Expired Shrink

Shelf space can certainly be considered one of the most valuable assets a supermarket has. What you do with the space you have has long-term impacts on sales and profitability. It’s no wonder that assortment management is a hot topic in the industry, and a major function of this role is discontinuing slow-moving products. However,…

​FDA Makes Changes to Nutrition Facts Panel

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made significant changes to the nutrition facts panel (NFP) nationwide. This large-scale revision to the labels of nutritional and supplemental facts panels, both in regards to the design and informational content, signifies the first such move since the guidelines were first put in place nearly 20 years…

​3 Tips to Minimize Produce Shrink

Any seasoned grocery store manager will tell you that produce shrink is one of the most vexing problems they deal with on a regular basis. But what is produce shrink, and what can we do to fight it? Simply put, produce shrink is the product that goes to waste when it is not sold. What…

Expired Products By Category – Infographic

Products expire. It happens. But, how many items per week would a store have to check to find and pull all their expired inventory? Better yet, how many would they need to check to actually begin preventing expired inventory?

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