​How Discontinued Items Lead To Expired Shrink

Shelf space can certainly be considered one of the most valuable assets a supermarket has. What you do with the space you have has long-term impacts on sales and profitability. It’s no wonder that assortment management is a hot topic in the industry, and a major function of this role is discontinuing slow-moving products. However,…


​GS1 US and JICC Work Towards Making Paperless Coupons the Standard

While digital coupons are growing in popularity, retailers have been struggling to process paperless coupons from various platforms. Fortunately, two major organizations, GS1 US and the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC), have come together to create a new digital coupon standard.


​FDA Makes Changes to Nutrition Facts Panel

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made significant changes to the nutrition facts panel (NFP) nationwide. This large-scale revision to the labels of nutritional and supplemental facts panels, both in regards to the design and informational content, signifies the first such move since the guidelines were first put in place nearly 20 years…


​Reading Food Expiration Date Codes Effectively

Expiration dates can be hard to locate on a product and even more challenging to decipher. Currently, the United States does not have a regulated or standard system for coding expiration dates on food, except for those on baby food and infant formula. All other dates and codes are added voluntarily by manufacturers. There are…


​How to Eliminate Grocery Store Shrink

Grocery store shrinkage, or shrink, is a term that refers to the loss of inventory. According to a 2011 study by the FMI and The Retail Control Group, 64% of shrinkage can be blamed on lack of training, inadequate practices, and inefficient store operations. Only 36% of shrinkage is the result of dishonest behavior and…

Supermarket Manager Training Cashier At Checkout

What Makes A Grocery Store Manager Great?

There are few destinations more important to the daily life of a neighborhood than the grocery store. It should therefore come as no surprise that grocery store management is a demanding role that requires a range of skill sets to ensure their stores run smoothly day-in and day-out. Take a look at a few of…


Are Supermarkets Becoming the New Fast Food?

Did you know that the restaurant market is in decline? Everyone from Wendy’s to more upscale establishments have been hit, with fast food places suffering most of all. While this news comes as a major disappointment to restaurant owners, grocery store owners could not be happier. What they may tell you, though, is that this…


​3 Tips to Minimize Produce Shrink

Any seasoned grocery store manager will tell you that produce shrink is one of the most vexing problems they deal with on a regular basis. But what is produce shrink, and what can we do to fight it? Simply put, produce shrink is the product that goes to waste when it is not sold. What…


Top 10 Grocery Items in America

Although living standards have changed over the past few decades, the consumption habits of Americans have largely remained the same; grocers can guess what people’s shopping baskets will look like most weeks. Here are the top 10 grocery items in America: 1. Soda It’s amazing that soda is the most common item purchased in American…

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Expired Products By Category – Infographic

Products expire. It happens. But, how many items per week would a store have to check to find and pull all their expired inventory? Better yet, how many would they need to check to actually begin preventing expired inventory?

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