Product Placement and Obesity in Grocery Stores

Think of this thought for a second:

When you walk through a grocery store, do you navigate around junk food and stick to the outside aisles, or do you succumb to the displays of sugar heaven?


What is Shrink to a Supermarket?

What is shrink?

The proper definition in an easy concise explanation is this: The loss of product inventory. Shrink falls into two categories—operation management issues and theft. When shrink occurs in a supermarket, it differs from the retailers based on grocery items expiring.

Supermarket trolley filled with vegetables in aisle

3 Problems in Supermarkets that Cause Products to Expire

The growing problem at both the store and corporate level towards product expiration in Supermarkets today are caused by three main problems: task management, lack of priority, and inefficiencies brought on by product trends. The issue of product expiration has been the Achilles heel for Supermarkets looking to distinguish themselves from the competition through a…


Kroger’s Registered Dietitians Take Patients on Store Tours

In efforts to extend their brand, Kroger has added a dietitians and nutritionist to their care model, organically growing as an industry leader in health and wellness.

The Little Clinic from Kroger is testing out nutritional counseling in Nashville, Tenn., Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Denver


New App Could Get Rid of Checkouts

Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?

You’ve probably already heard it if you have walked through a self-checkout. The voice from the checkout says “unexpected item in bagging area”.


Simple Steps to Reduce Perishable Shrink

For retailers, shrink caused by perishable items amount to a lot of money.

Items such as meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables and flowers expire prematurely when temperatures are handled incorrectly. The final quality of the product is determined at the distribution centers and during the transportation.


The Rise of the Private Label

In the recent years of increasing private labels there are two main questions that must be asked now; can private label rise to the level of that in Europe here in the states? Even more importantly, does the retail industry want this to be the case?


All Age Consumers are Adopting Millennial Behavior

At 80 million, Millennials make up the largest demographic group.

Though some argue that change within industries should cater towards the spending power of the older generations, the younger millennial group, seems to be the focus of new studies, conferences, and recommendations on how brands should conduct a proper strategic plan to attract their attention and gain their business.


Top 5 Shopping Trends of 2016

How about a latte the next time you go shopping for milk and eggs?

One expert predicts that the number of at home online shopping will continue to grow throughout the 2016 year—perhaps the milk and eggs can be delivered instead.


American Shifting Beliefs about Food Issues

The International Food Information Council Foundations’ 2016 Food and Health Survey suggested that a significant amount of Americans have changed their minds and or their behaviors toward issues of nutrition and foods within the last year.

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