Going Green At The Grocery Store

Last week we celebrated Earth Day. We wanted to contribute by sharing 7 ways to go green at the grocery store. Not just one day a year, but every day.

  • Reusable & Digital Coupons
    • You will notice some stores now have their coupons available right in the store. This is not only offered as a convenience, but these coupons can actually be used over and over again throughout the week. I used to work at Festival Foods, a grocer that has offered reusable coupons for many years now. It was always a pleasure to tell customers, “You don’t have to rip those coupons out, I can just enter them all for you.” By not ripping the coupons out, we could put those same coupon sheets right back where they came from for the next customer to use. Since we are a software company, we can’t help but to also mention digital coupons. No paper, no waste! Festival and other grocers now list their weekly coupons right on your phone through their own mobile apps.
  • Reuse Grocery Bags
    • These sturdy cloth bags are available at almost every grocery store, or online and can be used over and over again. They also tend to be bigger than normal grocery bags, saving you trips back and forth from your car to your kitchen. If you don’t want to spend the money on reusable bags, just bring your plastic and paper bags back with you next time you go shopping. Your local grocer may even give you an added bonus of a few cents off your order for each bag you bring back!
  • Plastic Bag Crafts
    • Do you have a mountain of plastic bags at home that only seems to get bigger? Make a craft(s) with them! I have seen plastic bag mats, and wallets. Festival Foods even features a plastic bag bench for two at their Green Bay West store. For some craft ideas and step-by-step instructions, check out this Pinterest page all about plastic bag crafts.
  • Recycle Plastic Bags
    • If you’re not feeling artsy. Look for plastic-bag-collection totes at your local grocery store. Bring your mountain of plastic bags from home and put it in one of these bins. They will take care of properly recycling them.
  • Shop Locally Grown & Produced
    • Since they aren’t coming from across the country or even the next state over, fuel is saved by cutting down transportation.
  • Pass On The Produce Bags
    • You don’t really need them anyways right? Just wash them before you eat them. If you are a germ-a-phobe like myself, combine different items into the same bag instead of bagging each item individually.
  • Skip The Snack Packs
    • I am the first to admit it is super convenient to grab the snack pack and throw it in with your lunch for the day. Think of all the paper and plastic we are wasting though! An alternative is to buy the regular packs of your favorite snack and throw some in a washable container that can be used again instead of thrown away.

Click here to learn more about ways Festival Foods is going green every day!

Did we forget something, or want to share how you are going green at the grocery store? Comment below!

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