7 of the Best Foods to Donate to Food Banks

Food donation is one of the most generous and helpful things you can do for people who are in need. Food donation facilities help families in need who do not have the adequate income needed to support themselves. Quality assurance when is a key component for providing each family with nutritious meals options.

There are quite a few different varieties of healthy foods you can donate to one of these facilities to help families out:
Olive Oil
Olive oil is one of the most popular resources sought by food banks all over the country. Olive oil is healthier than most oils, being that it contains a healthier and lower calorie content due to mono-unsaturated fats. Most food banks depend on donations to keep them stocked up because oils are a little on the expensive side.
Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is another good product for food donation because it’s protein packed and has a long shelf life. Peanut butter is one of the most highly demanded foods when it comes to food donation being that it can be used in a variety of different ways. It is a healthy option that packs a punch in nutrition and flavor.
Cereals are a great option for donation, again because it lasts a long time and has servings of daily fiber. Food donation facilities often look for cereals that are low in sugars and full with healthy whole grains.
Recommend cereals include:
  • Cheerios
  • Raisin bran
  • Wheaties
  • Grape Nuts
Even without milk, cereal is a great snack for children.
Low-Sodium Vegetables
Low-sodium vegetables are an excellent source of nutrition.  Many places usually prefer canned because of the preservatives, but you can donate fresh veggies if you make early contact with the food pantry. Canned vegetables are a good source of daily vitamins and fiber. Food distribution facilities recommend mixed vegetables since that they are full of color and variety.
Canned Fruits
Whether it is canned or packaged differently within plastic or glass, fruit is also an excellent source of vitamins and nutrition. Fruit cups come in handy as an easy snack for children on the go and make the perfect addition to any lunch. Fruits can be expensive and unfordable to some families. It is important to offer numerous options to encourage people to buy from donation pantries.
Pasta is full of carbs and fiber, so it gives you energy and can last long periods of time on the shelf. You will want to try to stay away from white pasta being that the nutritional value of it isn’t very high. Whole grain pasta is the way to go and a very healthy food source that aids families in many ways being you can do so much with pasta noodles.
Canned Meats 
Last, but not least, canned meat.  Most meats are available canned, which is a big help to Food distribution facilities being that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Meat is considered the backbone of most meals and is widely unaffordable. The prices of canned meats are much lower and easier to donate.
There are a variety of different meats that are available canned, for example:
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Pork
In conclusion, donating food provides a lot of help towards families who can’t afford to keep their pantry full of healthy consumables. Want to learn more about food donation? Download our ebook!
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