4 Tech Tools to Enhance Employee Experience

Technology is no longer an option for grocers – it’s a requirement.

While we tend to think of technological advancements as opportunities to improve our business for our customers and subsequently generate more profit, as retailers we also need to consider the benefits of technology for our employees.

The retail workforce is changing, and keeping up with technology as an employer is imperative to attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry. Here are just a few tools that you can use to improve your employees’ experience with technology.


4 Tech Tools to Enhance Employee Experience

Remote Scheduling

Talk to any retail employee and you’ll soon discover that their biggest pain point has to do with their schedule. The majority of the retail workforce is part-time, which means their schedule fluctuates with the strength and business of the business. It’s not always clear to them how many hours they’ll be working even the week before the schedule is released.

This uncertainty puts a strain on your employees. By offering them the ability to view their schedule on a mobile device, you’re giving them freedom to consult their scheduled times and make plans farther into the future. Choose a system that allows them to switch shifts with their coworkers as well. This will alleviate a lot of the scheduling headaches that retail employees experience.


Digital Training and Continuing Education

Training sessions can eat up a lot of your employees’ time, and if you require them to come in outside of their normal shifts to complete it, you could be creating animosity amongst your team.

Technology tools like Brainshark that allow you to digitally train your employees and provide continuing education in bite-size, watch-when-you-want-to snippets make the experience far more seamless for your team. Skip the hassle of trying to coordinate everyone’s schedules for a group training – go the digital route instead.


Expiration Date Management Software

Let’s face it – your employees don’t like rotating and spot checking. It can be a tedious task, one that they might not fully understand the impact of. To them, it can feel like busy work with no real value, leading to inefficient and incomplete work.

By adding expiration date management software to your repertoire, you can give employees a satisfying way to complete the all-important task of checking dates. Using an app can gamify this routine, letting employees see how quickly they can check for expired products on your shelves and compare themselves to their teammates. With expiration date management software, checking dates is no longer a chore – it’s something that your employees will look forward to.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Employees are starting to demand BYOD policies in retail environments. They know that by utilizing a device that they’re familiar with, they’re better able to serve your customers in real-time. Though it can be nerve-wracking to allow your employees to carry their devices on the floor, there are definite benefits to BYOD including a lower internal tech spend and boosted management productivity.

Technology is not only a tool that improves customer experience, it can also improve the employee experience. Start with these four ideas for tech implementations in your store and reap the rewards.