4 Tech Tools to Enhance Customer Experience

Just as technology is integral to maintaining a talented, engaged workforce in the grocery industry, it is the key to drawing and retaining a high quality clientele. Customers will no longer share their loyalty with just any grocer. They want to know that their needs are being met: both in terms of inventory selection and through behind-the-scenes technological advancements that contribute to their experience.

To stay competitive in today’s retail industry, grocers need to integrate technology into their retail operations. Here are our top four recommendations for tech tools that will enhance your customer experience:


4 Tech Tools to Enhance Customer Experience

Digital Loyalty Programs + Personalization

Loyalty programs are not a novel concept – if you’re a grocer who has a penchant for innovation you probably already have one implemented in your store’s POS system. However, loyalty programs can be used for a lot more than customer satisfaction. Use your loyalty program to gather data on your customers and send them personalized offers that enhance their experience with your brand. Have an almond milk lover on your hands? Let them know when their favorite flavor is on discount. Have a customer who regularly buys Latin American fare? Share an offer on a new product that you think they may like. The more seamless you make a customer’s experience with your store, the better.


AI and mPOS

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword for years in the retail space, and promises of its impact on customer experience have been optimistic but perceived as farfetched. However, some of those profound proclamations are coming to fruition. We are finally starting to see applications of artificial intelligence in grocery retail, from cameras that can detect certain customers and share specific offers with them as they wander through your store to cashier-free payment like in Amazon Go and H-E-B Go stores. Augment these opportunities with mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology, and you’ll position yourself as market leader.


Expiration Date Management Software

Your customers do not want to find expired products on your shelves. Where other tech tools are front-and-center in the customer experience, expiration date management software works behind the scenes to ensure your shoppers never find an expired item in their carts. Software like Date Check Pro helps your store associates effectively and efficiently locate close-dated items in your store and take action on them, either discounting them or donating them to a local organization before they expire.


Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth beacons are another one of those tech tools that feels like it’s straight out of the Jetsons. These electronic devices can be placed throughout your store in key traffic areas, then interact with customers who have downloaded your store app in order to prompt them to take action. Bluetooth beacons can make your customer’s experience more personalized by sending them unique offers or messaging, or give you insights into the activity into your store based on usage activity.

To put it plainly, you can’t afford to ignore technology anymore. Your customers, though they may love your hometown style and individualized approach to customer service, they are also starting to expect a technological bent to your operations. Start with these four tech tools in order to build an experience that will keep your customers coming back, over and over again.