2020 Grocery Wellness Initiatives to Delight Your Customers

Wellness is the buzzword of the month around this time of year as people set goals to hit the gym, eat healthier, and focus on their mental health. The new year gives us each an opportunity to imagine a better version of ourselves and put plans into place to make that happen. As a grocer, you’re perfectly primed to help your customers achieve their goals instead of giving up on them by February like 80% of the population.


Today’s customer sees their grocery store as a wellness resource, not just a place to stock up on ingredients or grab a quick carton of milk. According to FMI, 55% of consumers see their grocery store as a health ally. They’re relying on the place that is selling them food to help them make healthy choices while cooking satisfying meals. For grocers, this is a huge boon and a way to increase tight industry margins while increasing customer satisfaction and building a brand loyal following.


Wellness Initiatives to Start in Your Grocery Store in 2020

We have a few helpful tips to kickoff the new year right with wellness initiatives in your grocery store.

Position your store as an expert

First and foremost, your customers are not going to trust your wellness expertise unless you give them a reason to. Without a significant effort to adjust your branding, content, and in-store signage to reflect a wellness focus, your shoppers won’t think of you as their health ally. Take a note from Giant Foods who has created a podcast to share relevant health and nutritional information with their shoppers. They’re using an innovative platform to position themselves as health resources, and creating that relationship with their customers.

Offer an in-store dietitian as a resource

Dietitians have been working in grocery stores for decades, but highlighting your existing program or hiring a new member of the team to provide dietary consulting to your shoppers can give you a leg up in 2020. Customers will be thrilled to know that they can ask a registered dietitian questions about the products that they’re buying, and they’ll be well on their way to hitting their wellness goals.

Add nutrition attributes to your aisles

In-store signage and education can go a long way in showing your customers that you care about their health and want to point them in the right direction when it comes to purchasing food. Raley’s is leading the way in this area, posting nutrition attributes as in-store signage that literally points customers to gluten-free, low sugar, and low calorie options.

Utilize NGA’s wellness activation kit

If you’re still feeling like you don’t know where to begin with grocery store wellness, tap your association resource, NGA. The National Grocers Association has assembled a wellness activation kit that can help you get your initiatives off the ground and into your customer’s frame of reference.

This year, think outside of the box with your typical wellness marketing campaign. Implement a few engaging initiatives to activate your customers and position yourself as a health resource and ally to win in 2020.