The Best COVID-19 (and Beyond!) Signage for Grocers

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the grocery and retail industry beyond measure. Among the many internal, operational, and physical changes is new in-store signage dictating social distancing requirements, one-way aisles, and other precautionary measures to keep shoppers safe. 

Though grocery stores experienced a decline in in-store shopping visits with more consumers choosing to shop online, shopping in-store is still the preference for more than 60% of American shoppers. As a grocery industry leader, it’s your job to make the in-store experience safe and precautionary without jeopardizing the exciting, comforting, and enjoyable aspects of browsing the aisles. With the right signage, COVID-19 precautions can engage shoppers while still prioritizing their health and well being. 

Since signs have been up in stores for multiple months now, shoppers are starting to block them out, subconsciously knowing what’s already printed on them. By adding variety to your signage, you attract the shoppers attention, bring a smile to their face, and reinforce that they are comfortable and safe in your store in your own unique way. 

As we enter the eighth month of the pandemic’s presence in the United States, it’s important to consider in-store signage from a marketing perspective. Signage that is similar to that seen in a hospital or medical area can make shoppers feel like they’re in a contaminated space with more sterile designs can be off putting and distracting instead of informative and sleek. 

Consider refining your signage to match your brand standards. By changing the signage to match the store, you’re reinforcing your own quality standards and making the shopper feel safe and welcome in the shopping environment. If your store has a mascot or friendly logo, include it in the signage – it can add a touch of comfort, reliability, and luxury to the shopping experience. To take signage to the next level, considering using a local familiar face on your signage (with their permission, of course!) A local sports team fan favorite on a sign can be a fun way to get your shoppers attention. 

In-store signage doesn’t have to stop with COVID-19 precautions. Stop Waste Together is a non-profit initiative sponsored by Pinpoint Software. When paired with our expiration date management software, Date Check Pro, retailers are able to proactively track inventory expiration dates and work together with their shoppers to minimize food waste and maximize savings for everyone. This initiative includes template marketing materials such as high-grade, tamper-proof coupons, aisle signage, and POS signage along with online promotion for retailers to maximize their waste prevention efforts, promote those efforts to their customers, and track their green impact per store. When they’re walking down the one-way aisles, shoppers will notice your Stop Waste Together signage and be reminded of your stores efforts to provide an entirely clean experience from the food on the shelves to the floor under their feet.

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