During this one-time set up, your store gets an expired product clean sweep while our team identifies the closest date for each SKU.

1. Proactive Check

Based on various department settings that correlate with each items shelf life, our team checks inventory 1-4 weeks before expiration, and rotates/marks down any close-dated items remaining.

2. Expired Check

Any inventory found as close-dated in the proactive check will be checked again at a later date in order to pull any items that haven’t sold before their actual expiration date.

3. Enter Next Date

After the close dated inventory has sold or been pulled as expired, the next closest expiration date remaining on the shelf for that SKU is entered into our program. This date will then be used to trigger the next proactive check.

Reporting Insights

Marked Down/Expired Report

View shrink and savings on a per SKU basis over any given timeframe. Easily order the report to see items having the worst impact on your bottom line, or filter down by department and/or store.

Top 100

No more wondering which products are creating the most shrink. This report shows the list of SKUs that had the most close-dated units found in a given time period.

Retail Value

Track the retail value of all expired products that are pulled and donated to the food pantry. This is a handy report come tax season to quantify the value of your good will.

Store Comparison

View performance by store on their ability to sell close dated items that have been rotated/marked down, and their overall savings percentage in units.

Stop Waste Together

Every year, the U.S. wastes 160 billion pounds of food. Our mission is just as much about preventing this food waste as it is about helping retailers save money. That is why we launched Stop Waste Together. This initiative provides retailers with a template marketing campaign to promote their efforts to prevent food waste to their customers. It includes in store signage to raise awareness about the program as well as coupons and shelf talkers to drive sales on soon to expire items. Learn more >>.

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