Steve Burkhardt

Director of Operations, Festival Foods

"The biggest value it brings to us is security. Knowing that we are doing a better job than we've ever done before watching dates. It's just a good feeling to know that a part of our business that has gone under the radar is now something we can watch, monitor, and control."


Jeff Maurer

Jeff Maurer

Owner, Fresh Madison Market

"This software helps us provide a more satisfactory shopping experience. As we are alerted to dates becoming closer to expiration, we are now able to discount those products to expedite the sale of those products prior to actual expiration. This reduces our costs and increases our profitability."


Wes Harris

Wes Harris

President, Q Services & Technologies

"We have been using Date Check Pro at our five stores over the past six months and we have managed to dramatically reduce out expired merchandise. The cost of the program was offset by the savings within the first month. I would highly recommend using this program."


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