A Date Check Pro Day On The Course

by Andrew Hoeft | Jul 2, 2012 12:00:00 AM

Just about a month ago we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of the company and Date Check Pro. We mentioned in our last post that we spent the day at the Wisconsin Grocers golf outing. Props goes out to the entire team at the WGA for putting on an amazing event and for picking such an gorgeous day. In honor of all the hard work they did to make this event happen, we wanted to share some pictures from the event that show just how much fun we had!

Our challenge on the course was our Date Check Pro bean bag toss. Each golfer got four chances to throw a bean bag in the hole and for each bag that made it in the hole, the golfer earned a raffle ticket for 3rd row pre-season Packer tickets! In charitable spirit, we also offered the golfers a second chance at the challenge for a $5 donation to the WGA Education & Scholarship Foundation. In total, we raised $50 for the fund, and for Austin Gritton, a $15 donation paid off as he won the Packer tickets.

Golfing Event

In all, we could not have asked for a better way to spend our anniversary. We had a blast meeting many of the great grocers in Wisconsin and the midwest as well as many of the great vendors in our region. You can bet that next years event is already on our calendar.

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