It’s Not Just Your Average Grocery List App!

AnyList is a new & improved grocery list app!

These days there is an app for just about anything, and this includes grocery shopping.  One that we would like to share is AnyList, an app that lets the user share and update grocery lists with other AnyList users.  In addition, this app allows the user to look up a recipe and add the needed items to his or her grocery list.

Since the app is collaborative, it can be updated by one user, and the update is readily available to another user.  Take this for example: a mother goes to the store with her grocery list on her phone.  If her son also has the same app on his phone, he can look at his mother’s grocery list and add anything she might have forgotten.  So can Dad and anyone else in the family using the app.  This would prevent the, “Mom you forgot (insert kid’s favorite snack here)” greeting when she gets home from the store.  Now back in mom’s shoes, there is no more worrying about what she needs to make dinner tonight by pulling up the recipe, and adding anything she still needs to her grocery list with the tap of a finger. In general, an app like this would make grocery shopping less of a task.

While many grocer’s already offer apps of their own that include a grocery list, AnyList’s unique collaborative list is still a must add! Consumers are using apps to help with their everyday needs more and more and the better your store’s app, the happier your customers will be. We don’t know if AnyList is looking to partner with grocers to use their list within a grocery store’s existing app or not, but that is a conversation we recommend having.

We won’t just leave that recommendation up to us though; we would also like to hear from you, the reader. What do you think? Would this app make your grocery shopping easier? Would you want to see it included in your local grocery stores’ app?

You can also click here to download AnyLists app.