The Shopper Evolution

by Andrew Hoeft | Jun 10, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Like most of the world, given enough time there will be change. The time in which it can occur varies in different stages—fast, slow, module, and incrementally. Specifically considering the consumer and attitudes towards food sanitation, nutrition, health and fitness, and food prices, we can safely assume that the food industry is feeling a shifting change.

 Shopper demand drives almost instant responses from management members from grocery organizations due to this change. Other effects from change involve shopper behavior and thinking, primarily attributed to not only the amount of available information, but also the instant accessibility in its consumption—welcome to the information age.Are we experiencing an evolution of buying power and habits from shoppers? The evidence suggests that we ought to consider the possibility. Some grocery stores will look at the following statistics and fold, while a very few will take it as an opportunity to differentiate and respond to new demands.

The Facts:

  • 43% of grocery shoppers are primary shoppers, responsible for all or most grocery shopping in multi-person households (70% are women)
  • 23% of grocery shoppers are shared shoppers, meaning multi-person households where grocery shopping is shared between adults (52% are men)
  • 25% of grocery shoppers are self-shoppers, meaning single-person households responsible for all grocery shopping (53% are women)
  • 10% of grocery shoppers are secondary shoppers, meaning multi-person households responsible for at least half of grocery shopping, but not the primary decision maker (67% are men)
We invite you to join the Grocery Revolution to see the building of a movement in our industry. Then we’d love to hear your opinion on whether we are in the midst of a grocery revolution or a grocery evolution. Or are consumers doing one, while the industry is doing the other?
Check out these research studies by the Food Marketing Institute, Shopper Grocery Trends and Retail Grocery Speaks, which touch on these changes in a little more detail. In these studies, you will surely begin to see and understand the groundwork that is being laid out for supermarkets.
We extend an invitation to start thinking about how you can stay ahead in the retail food industry. Grocers are reacting and responding to consumers in several areas including food freshness, branding, fitness and health, and food sanitation.
We target the major problem of keeping foods fresh for consumer satisfaction to help supermarkets respond to these trends.
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