Kroger’s Dietitians give Store Tours

by Cody Sheehy | Jul 19, 2016 12:00:00 AM

In efforts to extend their brand, Kroger has added a dietitians and nutritionist to their care model, organically growing as an industry leader in health and wellness.

The Little Clinic from Kroger is testing out nutritional counseling in Nashville, Tenn., Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Denver—all testing will be done by registered dietitian nutritionists.

According to Colleen Lindholz, The Little Clinic president and CEO, “Kroger is a health and wellness leader in so many regards that it’s a natural extension of our business to add dietitians to our care model.”

Lindholz added, “We are now able to help our patients make a better connection between food and overall health and provide personalized food-related guidance to each individual patient right inside the store where food decisions are made.”

Eileen Myers, former VP of affiliations and patient-centered strategies turned VP of retail dietetics and nutrition solutions for The Little Clinic, will be leading the initiative.

According to Myers, regarding RDNs taking a hands-on approach she stated “because we can easily take a store tour with patients, guide them to the foods that best fit their nutrition goals, teach them how to read food labels and create a personalized food plan to best support the patient’s goals, whether that’s weight management, food allergies, diabetes, improved sports performance or other health concerns”.

All things considered, it is clear to see that Kroger as taken more than an initiative in the health and wellness aspect of their business and look to be the go to leader in consumer’s overall diet and nutrition. The Little Clinic looks to personalize food conscious guidance which will intuitively lead patients and other consumers through stores, shopping based on their professional dietician and nutritionist recommendations.

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