What Makes A Grocery Store Manager Great?

by Andrew Hoeft | Sep 2, 2016 12:00:00 AM

There are few destinations more important to the daily life of a neighborhood than the grocery store. It should therefore come as no surprise that grocery store management is a demanding role that requires a range of skill sets to ensure their stores run smoothly day-in and day-out. Take a look at a few of the following key concepts to get an idea of what it takes to manage a successful grocery store.

A balanced schedule

Scheduling is about finding a balance between the needs of customers and those of employees . Over-staffing can lead not just to substantial loss of profit, but also to an atmosphere of under-engaged employees. Conversely, under-staffing can lead to frustrating, long check-out lines and under-stocked, disorganized shelves. Before long, either of these problems can create a bad reputation for an otherwise great store. Finding balance on a consistent basis is key.

Appealing merchandise

If only it were as easy as placing items on shelves and waiting for customers to purchase them. But any good grocery store manager knows that merchandising is everything. Visually-striking displays directly in the front of the store are effective at drawing customers in, while staple goods–like bread and dairy–are shifted to the back as a ploy to turn otherwise quick visits into longer stays with larger purchases. At the end of the day, there is no one way to go about it, but finding success will mean tapping into strategy and creativity.

Exciting promotions

While your regulars can be counted on for their weekly visits, a great way to attract new business is through unique and exciting promotions. These can range from coupons, giveaways, or anything else that can incentivize customers to come through the doors. A successful promotion is one that makes up more than the money lost through new sales, and one that leaves customers walking away with renewed interest in your store.

Inventory decisions

Your selection of goods depends primarily on your customer-base. So, while certain items may not sell as well in some parts of the country, finding out what will work and what won’t is up to the manager of the store. Learn from your customers and pay attention to requests for specific brands.

These are just a few concepts that can set your grocery store in the right direction while bringing in foot traffic and positively impacting profits.

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