EZ-Reach Tool - Product Review

by Andrew Hoeft | Aug 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM

If you work in a grocery store, you’ve seen it. The customer or employee standing on the bottom shelf in order to reach the product in the back of the top shelf. Try as you must, you train, remind, and remind employees again that it isn’t safe. That they need to get a step stool. Yet, when it comes to helping a customer, nobody wants to make them wait that long. And so, the disregard for safety prevails. That’s where Medll Innovations EZ-Reach tool comes in.

After hearing about these simple metal arms, we had to give them a field test. A quick email to Medll to get samples, short drive to the store, and short whole later, here’s what our team has to say:

Favorite Model

While Medll offers a variety of options with a bi-fold or tri-fold design, and a hook or flat end, we prefer the 2-in-1, doubled ended version with the hook on one end and flat end on the other. Each end has its uses. The hook for bottles and jars, and the flat end for pretty much everything else. While a bit wider to store, it keeps things simple by having an all-in-one product.

Those Pesky Hard To Reach Places

The areas where this tool has the most value is the top and bottom shelf. Height being an obvious challenge for reaching product on the back of the top shelf, and not wanting to get on your hands and knees and crawl into the shelf to reach product on the back of the bottom shelf make this tool a convenient alternative.

More A Reach Tool Than A Facing Tool

If you only need to pull one or two products to the front, using EZ-Reach for facing makes sense. At least for that top and bottom shelves. However, not when you need to pull an entire row of product to the front or for product on the middle shelves. For those, traditional facing by hand was faster. Period.

Quite Affordable

At $14-$18 each, having one per aisle or per stocker is a fair and small investment to make. Keep in mind, one of the biggest benefits these offer is convenience. They are much easier to carry around with you than a step stool. Limit it to only a few that always stay tucked away in the backroom, and staff will stick with standing on the bottom shelf rather than tracking one down. Invest enough upfront to make them easily accessible for your team the next time a customer asks for help reaching a product.

Buy It For Safety

Would you invest $100-$200 today in each one of your stores to avoid a 6 or 7-digit injury claim payout? I know I would. While they might not be as much of an efficiency boost to facing shelves as we hoped when kicking off testing, they held true as a great tool to get to hard to reach product. Every time an employee uses an EZ-Reach device rather than stepping on a shelf or pallet is peace of mind well worth the investment.

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