7 Best Places to Get Grocery-Industry News in 2019

by Andrew Hoeft | Jan 14, 2019 12:00:00 AM

In 2019, supermarket professionals need to keep up with news, research, and best practices from their fast-changing world more than ever.

We’ve assembled the top industry publications for grocery professionals and listed them here in one place, with some helpful notes on each and a subscription link to help you get the news you need.

7 Best Places to Get Grocery-Industry News in 2019

1. Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer publishes about 25 grocery-industry news articles per week. Most articles cover the business of grocery, including financials, industry-relevant policy, company leadership, and the latest from the largest players in the industry.

The site also occasionally features special reports, research, and educational content, though it usually takes a back seat to the news of the day.

Progressive Grocer began as a paper magazine, which it still publishes today.

Company Line:

As the voice of the retail food industry since 1922, Progressive Grocer‘s core audience targets top management at headquarters and key decision makers at store-level. From chain supermarkets to regional and local independent grocers, supercenters, wholesaler distributors, manufacturers and other supply chain trading partners, readers rely on PG for its authoritative, comprehensive, relevant, research-based editorial content and need-to-know news. By anticipating, reporting and interpreting the grocery industry’s top trends and information, Progressive Grocer fulfills its mission to stay Ahead of What’s Next.

How to Subscribe

Via email or print.

2. Supermarket News

Similar to Progressive Grocer, Supermarket News covers the supermarket industry from a who’s-doing-what perspective, featuring content on the latest financial and personnel news from large grocers, as well as the latest trends and research insights.

Supermarket News publishes an average of 16 articles per week, as well as a for-purchase fresh foods survey and an annual ranking of the top 75 retailers and wholesalers (plus the top 50 small chains and independents).

Company Line

Supermarket News is the brand food-retail professionals count on for competitive intelligence, news, and information to make smart business decisions. Retailers, manufacturers, brokers, analysts, association executives and others connected to the industry consider Supermarket News as their primary information source as we continue to lead the way with the most experienced team of full-time editors dedicated to maintaining the integrity and objectivity demanded by our audience.

How to subscribe

Via email.

3. Winsight Grocery

Winsight Grocery is another industry news outlet that publishes both online and in a monthly print magazine. It’s 22 articles per week usually cover the happenings at major grocers around the country, plus insights from the latest industry research.

Although it’s not a complete departure from the publications listed above, Winsight Grocery content generally seems more focused on the “why” of stories rather than, for example, the comings and goings of various executives at large industry players.

Company Line

Winsight is a leading B2B information services company focused on the food and beverage industry, providing insight and market intelligence to business leaders in every channel consumers buy food and beverage – convenience stores, grocery retailing, restaurants and noncommercial foodservice – through media, events, data products, advisory services, and trade shows.

How to subscribe

Via email.

4. The Shelby Report

The Shelby Report is probably best known for its monthly regional print and digital newsletters, but the site produces a ton of web content as well: over 38 articles a week on average.

Taking high-quantity approach to supermarket news and reporting, The Shelby Report covers everything from staff shake-ups at larger retailers to analysis of recent industry research and reports.

Company Line

The Shelby Report delivers complete industry news and insights to the retail food trade nationwide through distribution of five monthly regional print and digital editions.

The Shelby Report aims to educate and inform the entire food supply chain–from manufacturers and wholesalers to independent and chain stores–to help build, maintain and improve their businesses. Relevant and timely information is reported on our Web site, www.theshelbyreport.com and is delivered daily via our Shelby Report e-Newsletters. Serving the retail food trade since 1967, The Shelby Report is “Region Wise. Nationwide!”

How to subscribe

Via email.

5. Food Marketing Institute

Supermarket industry advocacy association Food Marketing Institute is not a traditional news outlet, but they do regularly publish industry reports (available to members at no extra cost) and a ton of supporting content.

The supporting content comes in the form of educational blog posts, webinars, videos, and other content created to help grocers learn from each other and market their products. It’s sorted by category, too, so it’s easy to find what matters most to you and your role.

Company Line

FMI represents food retailers and wholesalers and develops and promotes policies, programs and forums supporting its members, their customers and supplier partners, and other industry stakeholders in the areas of government relations, food and product safety and defense, education, industry collaboration and networking, research, health and wellness, social, environmental and sustainability programs, and communications.

By pursuing these activities, FMI provides leadership and advocacy for the food and consumer product industry worldwide as the industry innovates to meet the changing needs of its customers.

How to subscribe

Via email.

6. Today’s Grocer

Today’s Grocer differs a bit from other publications in that it only publishes print and digital versions of its magazine — there’s no other supporting content to speak of.

That said, each issue is packed with great content well beyond the latest big-chain news articles often featured on its front page, including guest editorials full of best-practice advice, product news, trend reporting on a national and international scale, and takeaways from industry research.

Company Line

For over 60 years TODAY’S GROCER Publications has developed into one of the most respected and relevant information services for the Retail Food and Drug Industry. We offer unprecedented insight into today’s Food and Drug Retailing Business.

This site’s unique content is produced and sourced via our dedicated reporting and editorial team, with our network of correspondents and industry analysis around the world. In-depth features by our experienced staff of editors and writers offer you insight into industry trends, developments, technology, marketing, logistics, international retailing, human resources, and consumer purchasing.

How to subscribe

Via email or mail.

7. Date Check Pro

Here on the Date Check Pro blog, we focus on bringing best practices and important the most important research takeaways in the supermarket world, particularly when it comes to asset protection and loss prevention.

Date Check Pro publishes several educational blog posts each month, and our quarterly eBook series goes deep on the issues faced by asset protection/loss prevention supermarket professionals.

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