Effective Expiration Date Management for Grocery Stores

by Andrew Hoeft | Mar 25, 2020 1:23:23 PM

Expiration date management is a necessary process in a grocery store. Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever about their health and the impact that fresh products can have on their wellbeing. They’re checking labels, and they don’t always like what they see.

Our research shows that 35% of shoppers are extremely likely to stop shopping at a store if they repeatedly find expired items on the shelves. They want to know that you’re looking out for their best interests and keeping only up to date inventory in your store.

Current expiration date management processes are inefficient and inconsistent. Spot checking leads to missed items and extra man hours, and rotation only works when employees are committed and detail-oriented. Those things are not a guarantee in the grocery industry. 

There is, however, a forward-thinking way to take on expiration date management. Date Check Pro is an expiration date management tool built into a software solution that solves the problem of expired products falling into customers’ hands. Here’s how it can make your process more effective:


Date Check Pro is user-friendly.

Date Check Pro’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, easy to navigate for those tech natives and those who still haven’t switched to a smartphone. Your store associates will have no problem recognizing notifications, and following the prompt and response format of the software. The program itself tells them exactly which action to take based on their choices while date checking in accordance with your store policies on expired items. They won’t ever have to second guess what they should do with an item depending on its expiration date.


Date Check Pro removes most human error.

Where traditional spot checking and rotation put the onus on store associates to be consistent and error-free, Date Check Pro creates a system that takes the pressure off. Employees simply have to set aside time on their task list to check Date Check Pro (as a manager, you can determine how often this happens), and run through the list of notifications. Date Check Pro tells associates exactly what items they need to check for close dated expiration dates and where they need to go in your store to find them. They can systematically work through the necessary aisles and items without natural human errors like forgetting to check an item on the shelf or taking an inefficient route through your store.


Date Check Pro provides stats on inventory for future buying decisions.

Conventional methods of date checking serve only one purpose: finding expired items and pulling them off the shelves. Date Check Pro’s software solution provides an added layer of information to the process. You can use the dashboard in the backend of Date Check Pro to see which items are slow movers, which high ticket items tend to expire consistently, and which are marked out of stock frequently by date checkers. This data can help your team make better business decisions when placing orders with vendors and manufacturers.


Date Check Pro is proactive instead of reactive.

Finally, Date Check Pro makes date checking a proactive process instead of reactive. Most date checking processes only function to remove items that have already expired from your shelves. You’re crossing your fingers that you’ll get to those items before a customer does. With Date Check Pro, your store associates receive notifications about close dated items days (even weeks depending on your policies) before they are set to expire so that they can take action on them to save your store money. Perhaps you could discount an item so that customers are more likely to purchase them before they expire, or you can donate these items to a local food bank or shelter for a tax write off. Either way, Date Check Pro gives you a chance to make that choice before food expires on your shelves.

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