How Date Check Pro Aides Coronavirus Uncertainty

by Andrew Hoeft | May 7, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Amidst Coronavirus “panic-buying” and newly prioritized shopping lists, grocers have found themselves in an interesting situation; their shelves have been emptied of expired stock. With items continuing to fly off the shelves and once slow movers becoming top sellers, grocers are facing a blank slate of the “new normal” for the grocery industry.

Without a doubt, one of the most important qualities of a grocery store in the new normal is its level of cleanliness. Sneeze guards, one way aisles and more consistent and thorough cleaning schedules are rapidly growing in importance for shoppers, as well as what to do with their groceries once they get home.

During the Coronavirus panic, Google searches for “how to clean groceries” have surpassed those for “grocery coupons” in volume of searches. Shoppers want fresh, clean food, and expiration dates play a huge role in the fresh and clean reputation of your store. Implementing an expiration date program now shows your shoppers that you care about the entire spectrum of cleanliness from the store to their table.

Grocers around the world are being faced with the challenge of re-ordering stock in new volumes. Items that were once top sellers are now being completely overshadowed by items that struggled to sell before. But what’s going to happen to all of that extra food when shoppers’ lists return to normal?

While most people are focusing on day to day operations and getting through the crisis, the opportunity is out there to set yourself up for success in that new normal that is going to come.  The eradication of expired products due to overwhelming sales and introduction of new stock for new top sellers creates the most optimal situation to implement an expired food management system like Date Check Pro.

While expiration dates might not seem like a huge priority with stock flying off the shelves, expired items are going to come back, likely at a higher rate as grocers try to adjust spot checking schedules to categories with different levels of sales than they had previously.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with the number of expired goods on your shelves in the coming months. Because there’s a clean slate now, there isn’t a better time to introduce an expiration date management software like Date Check Pro. Get ahead of the expired shrink curve by dealing with your expired stock now rather than later.

In addition to new top sellers, grocers are also adapting to an overwhelming transition to online sales.

Online grocery shopping and interest in grocery delivery are at an all time high, and studies show that a digital grocery experience will continue past the pandemic.

One of the leading problems with online grocery shopping and online delivery is shoppers receiving expired or undesirable products – or not receiving them at all. As their trusted grocer, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re providing shoppers with an inferior product. Implementing an expiration date management software like Date Check Pro ensures that your shoppers, whether in-store or online, are only getting the most fresh products.

Clean, fresh products mean happy customers, and happy customers means that your reputation remains strong, even during uncertain times.

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