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by Natalie Tatum | Jul 2, 2020 12:00:00 AM

This week’s blog post is the last in a series taken from our webinar and eBook, Reinventing Grocery | The Timeline to the New Normal. To read the first, second, and third parts of the series in Reinventing Grocery: The Timeline to the New Normal, please click here and look for the posts titled “Reinventing Grocery.”


In the final installment of our blog series on Reinventing Grocery, last but certainly not least, we look at our hero associates, who are working just as long as medical and other essential workers but with far less protection. 

In the four months of the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve worked through, many grocers have done a great job of getting ahead and rewarding their associates by acknowledging the sacrifices that they make every day in order to serve the public at large. They’ve done so with temporary hourly increases, bonuses, and improved benefits that even include other family members. While these companies are remaining strong, grocers who did not prioritize the importance of their associates are facing harsh backlash – and rightfully so. 


In the next three to six months, everyone will have to come to terms with the fact that grocery store associates are truly heroes. How can grocers prepare to take care of their employees in the new normal?

Will grocers need to implement new pay, benefits, or negotiations with contracts? Will grocers continue to be provided with PPE? What happens when an associate decides they don’t want to wear the PPE when it’s been made a requirement? These are all things that grocers will have to consider moving forward.

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