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The Fight to Retain Meal Dollars in Post-COVID Grocery

Consumer meal dollars spent this past year shifted dramatically toward grocery stores: whether in-store, online, or through delivery or curbside pickup services. When restaurant dining became unsafe, consumers pivoted hard toward groceries, causing a surge in supermarket profits as retailers adjusted frantically to the strange times. But now, as COVID-19 restrictions dwindle and vaccinations allow shoppers new confidence and comfort, restaurant dining is again on the rise. How can grocers adjust? Are there ways to retain meal dollars as pandemic restrictions lift? Appealing to pandemic-era shifts in eating habits will be key to retaining meal dollars. During the pandemic, consumers became concerned with products that benefit their health and wellness, and are looking for easy and inexpensive ways to continue cooking from home. Read on to find out how some retailers are already adjusting to these expectations and keeping consumers in their stores.

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Post-COVID Grocery Retailer Standards and Expectations

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