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What Grocery Retailers Are Investing in Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic brought rapid and seismic shifts to the way the grocery industry does business. Even with surges in revenue, practices had to be continually adjusted to meet the changing needs of consumers. Now that the country is poised to emerge from pandemic-era shopping, some adjustments may become permanent. Some of these innovations were brought on stronger by shifting needs; some have been a long time coming. What will grocers invest in the most after facing the challenge of COVID-19? Grocers will invest in streamlining omnichannel grocery—particularly online services—as well as in AI and cloud technology, hiring and labor, and the continuing development of private labels. 

Brands Leading in Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Packaging waste is an urgent global problem, and the food industry is poised in a unique position...

Making Sustainability Visible in Your Grocery Stores

The consumer of the future—and the consumer of now—cares about sustainability, and wants to see it...

Automated Remote Fulfillment, Frictionless Shopping, & Dark Stores: Streamlining the Future of Grocery

Artificial Intelligence & Automation: The Future of Grocery?

Technology solutions are constantly changing the face of retail; grocery retail is not exempt from...

Why Consumers Stop Shopping at a Store

A 2020 consumer survey conducted by Date Check Pro asked consumers what type of bad experiences...
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