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Loss Prevention Strategies

How to Eliminate Shrink This Holiday Season

Like other retailers, grocers and supermarkets find the holidays to be one of the most prosperous seasons of the year. But with more store traffic comes greater pressure to protect store assets and prevent loss.

CARES Act: What Grocers Need to Know

By now, all grocers should be aware of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic...

​What Does Growth in Digital Coupons Mean for FSI?

As annual digital coupon spending approaches the $1 billion dollar mark, we must examine whether...

Identifying Top Expired Grocery & Dairy Categories

Expired products spring up in every corner of a grocery store. Yet, there are key areas with a...

The Product Expiration Blind Spot

The Product Expiration blind spot at supermarkets today are caused by multiple issues that include:

How Community Clout Can Be Used as a Loss Prevention Tool

When you think of loss prevention, you think of the obvious operational strategies against...
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