What Does it Mean to be a Community Grocer in 2020?

The future of grocery is changing. Customers expect a unique, personalized experience when they shop at your store. They want to feel a sense of connection to you, and to your brand

This eBook dives into the strategies and tactics you can put into place in order to make an impact as a community grocer in 2020.


If the past decade has been a shift toward digitization, the next decade will be about a return to authentic connection.

This eBook dives into the details of becoming a community grocer just in time for the 2020 consumer shift in perspective. Take these ideas and run with them to engage your community and get ahead of your competition for years to come.

Get Ahead of the Competition

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What's in the ebook?

  • The current state of customer loyalty
  • Why community grocers will have an advantage in 2020
  • How to build a community-focused experience
  • What employees want in 2020