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Expiration Date Management

Grocery retailers are constantly tackling the challenge of expiring products, and efforts to prevent loss created by expiration are often minimal and ineffective. Grocers can begin addressing the issue of excessive shrink caused by expiring products by implementing methods like SKU rationalization, and considering  software solution like Date Check Pro, which creates consistency and accountability that rotation and spot-checking methods lack. We're here to help you optimize expiration date management and prevent products from outliving their shelf life and potentially ending up in a consumer's shopping cart. 

Expired Products & Shrink

Expired shrink is an ongoing challenge for grocery retailers, and addressing excessive loss from expiring products often falls to the bottom of the to-do list! Methods such as SKU Rationalization can help grocers more effectively manage a well-edited assortment of products and prevent unnecessary loss from expiration. Expiration date management software Date Check Pro can also help mitigate expired shrink, saving the grocery precious time and money in the process.

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Expired Shrink Management Strategies

Expiration Date Management Software: Date Check Pro

Date Check Pro is a software solution for expiration date management that establishes consistency and accountability where traditional rotation and spot-checking methods fall short. The platform provides real-time updates on short-dated inventory to assure products aren’t expiring on the shelf. Making sure products don’t sell past their expiration date is a simple, manageable way to decrease the customer dissatisfaction— and potential loss of loyalty—associated with finding or purchasing expired items. Reduction of expired items easily allows a retailer to manage excess shrink, greatly reduce food waste, invest in the customer experience, and save significant time and cost of labor.

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The Top Expired Product Culprits Per Category

For shoppers, there’s nothing worse than opening up your fridge and finding that your recently-purchased groceries have already gone bad. For grocers, there’s nothing worse than losing a customer due to failing to provide the freshest food. While expired shrink can come from any department, the following products are the top culprits of expired shrink per category on a weekly basis. 

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SKU Rationalization Leads to More Sales

According to Insights from the 2021 Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index, shoppers correlate speed of transaction (i.e. the time from entering to exiting a retailer) with safety. So, retailers with efficient floor plans and speedy checkouts saw an increase in consumer satisfaction in 2020 due to fear caused by COVID-19. 

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The Product Expiration Blind Spot

The Product Expiration blind spot at supermarkets today are caused by multiple issues that include:

  • Lack of priority from management and associates at the store level
  • Lack of urgency to implement solutions at the corporate level
  • Trends of increased product line expansion
  • Current ineffective solutions

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