Stop expired products
before they happen.

Deliver only fresh products to your customers. Gain actionable insights into your expired shrink. All in a software enabled, full-service solution.

See How It Works

Cut Down Expired Shrink

Get to items before they expire,mark them down, sell them, and put 50-72% of your current loss back on the bottom line.

Deliver on Fresh

Implement a proven program to expand your fresh initiatives beyond the produce and meat departments.

Save Labor Hours

Don’t waste labor hours spent performing tedious spot-checks. High volume stores can even stop rotating when stocking the grocery department!

Apply Insights

Use data to determine which items should be ordered less, have reduced facings, or simply discontinued.

Go Green

Play your part in preventing food waste, and promote that effort to your customers.

Protect Your Brand

Prevent customers from finding expired products in your store, and give them one more reason to shop your store over the competition.

“The biggest value it brings to us is security. Knowing that we are doing a better job than we’ve ever done before watching dates. It’s just a good feeling to know that a part of our business that has gone under the radar is now something we can watch, monitor, and control.”

Steve Burkhardt

VP of Operations Support, Festival Foods

“This software helps us provide a more satisfactory shopping experience. As we are alerted to dates becoming closer to expiration, we are now able to discount those products to expedite the sale of those products prior to actual expiration. This reduces our costs and increases our profitability.”

Jeff Maurer

Owner, Fresh Madison Market


“Date Check Pro works as a partner to help fulfill our promise to always provide the highest quality and freshest products to our customers. I highly recommend their full-service solution to make a meaningful improvement in your stores with an ROI to back it up.”

Kevin Metcalfe

Owner, Metcalfe's Markets

“The full service option paid for itself, including labor, within the first five months of use. We are now selling product that would have become shrink and eliminating out-of-code issues at the same time. The software also provides a variety of reports that help determine high shrink items and product lines. This is a great tool!”

Jean Koprowski

Store Director, Trig's


“It is reassuring to know that we do not have any outdated product on our shelves. The program is easy to use and we have seen an overall reduction in our shrink.”

Mike Olwig

Store Director, Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly